Sikwin Affiliate Commission

Sikwin Affiliate provides a variety of commission options including Revenue Share and CPA. Once you join the program, you will be placed in a tiered Revenue Share system that rewards you with higher rates as you refer more customers. Essentially, the more people you bring in, the more money you can make.

Revenue Share:

You will earn Commissions based on the number of new customers you bring in during the month and the types of games those customers play. Your Commission will be a percentage of the Net Revenue generated by the new customers you referred. The calculation of your Commission will be based on the number of new customers you referred in a calendar month:

New customers Commision
100 - 1,00,000 35% of Net Revenue
1,00,001 - 3,70,000 40% of Net Revenue
3,70,001 - 8,70,000 45% of Net Revenue
8,70,001 - 18,70,000 50% of Net Revenue
18,70,001 - above 55% of Net Revenue

Any other offers or agreements will require approval and discussion with your assigned affiliate manager.

Cost Per Acquisition:

If you and Sikwin Affiliate agree on a CPA deal, you will be paid a predetermined amount for each qualifying player you refer. The amount of the CPA payment will differ depending on the product type and the market. To discuss the details of a potential CPA deal, you should get in touch with your assigned affiliate manager.

What is the Commission Process?

Tostart earning commission with Sikwin, you must follow three steps. First, To enroll in Sikwin affiliate program register with us and get special tracking links to promote our brand. Second, ensure that your affiliate link contains your unique affiliate ID number. Finally, if a visitor you referred to Sikwin, opens an account and begins playing, you will start receiving commission based on contract, either the revenue generated by the player or the pre-agreed rate between you and Sikwin Affiliate.